Saturday, 23 April 2011

Essay on the Contemporary Art Seminar

I just liked my essay so much, and since it's in English anyway, I'll post it here...

And on the heels of the topic, very very suitable song =)

Sergei Bai - Kui raske Eestis olla by bigproblem11

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Exhibition Diary, Part VII

Name: Money chases children (Raha ajab lapsi taga)
Made by: Epp Kubu
Material: video
Place: Linna Galerii, Tallinn

Almost everything was told in the press release: children see and understand that the world is spinning around the money. While they're playing, the money become an important part of their game. So, all the videos about a child's play whit the main idea "Where does money come from?": it might be drawn or taken from mommy's unneeded 15-years-old monetary stock, it can be just found as a treasures are found. Or we can try to put on some bank employee dressing like a grandmother =)

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Exhibition Diary, Part VI

Name: Criminal minds (Kurjuse kannul)
Made by: Anu Juurak
Material: miscellaneous
Place: Hobusepea Galerii, Tallinn
Press release: The exhibition explores modern twists as fear, anxiety and doubt. Hopefully, it won't evoke more fear but helps to disperse it.

It was told that the exhibition was about the myths produced to fight the crisis. As the economy produces a conception of the global terrorism, as environmental problems lead to climatic disaster myth etcetera. There is no better way to control minds than the presence of enemy, whether it is real or abstract. Proved by The Cold War.