Saturday, 19 June 2010

Art gallery 0.1

I took a summerwork in the Art Gallery of my hometown... It`s a volunteering, actually, so I work for love of the art))))

One of the project my curator made up is about drums. She was given four blue drums recently - and she flashed with the idea of decoring these with dragons. I took two of them: smaller one with the korean dragon (they have four fingers), bigger - with the japanese dragon (four fingers). My corator made the chinese dragon.
She told me one legend, that Chinese think that dragons appeared in China and had five fingers. When they wanted to travel one country eastwards they lost one finger (with four fingers to Korea and three - to Japan), westwards - had one additional finger (thatš why they didn't go to Europe - it is uncomfortable to have too many fingers - and to America - two fingers are comfortless as well).

Here are some photos of the process: draw-cut-spray-clean

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