Friday, 16 July 2010

The ideal workplace if you are paid

Art Gallery is kind of unofficial internship for me)) Actually, I`m not obligated to do that, but somehow this has lots of benefits (without payment). First, of course, is practice. I try to work with children, try not to be afraid of them)) And I understood, I can manage with 3 calm children, but not screaming crowd of little imbeciles not interested in art cruel but true
But one thing why it`s ok with me to endure that - in this terrible heat I seat in perfectly breezy 240-year-old stone building.
And another my assignment as intern - work with historical costumes. Weeks of quiet sewing, labelling, inventory - I`m in Heaven! This work is just fow me, when nobody disturbs; just curator sometimes tells ineresting srories. And anytime I can go to the studio and make some art)))
And last but not least: my reward)) Work for food, so to speak)

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