Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Precognitive dreams, soft chairs and Walküres

About two months ago I was persuaded into MetOpera. Sounds a bit posh, yes =)) But that's only a broadcasting from the real MO (in my case even recorded one). Anyway, the tickets were bought, because it's really exciting to watch such a famous opera, even indirectly.

So, all that excited, I was waiting for the day X. And when I am excited, I start thinking a lot. As a result, once I woke up with a thought "Gosh, we've forgotten to go to the Opera!!!" considerind that it's 2 more weeks until the performance... And imagine a few days ago my persuadive friend to tell me she can't go! To say I was shocked is to say nothing... 5 hours of sitting alone, and no comments, no moving at all (and oh-my-god, I really got lost there yesterday, when I was looking for the exit).

And yes, despite all my whingeing, I went there - to the cinema - and even managed to sit 2 acts of Die Walküre and I really liked it. It was just hard to sit for so long, looking on the giant screen and trying to enjoy the art while someone 5 sits to the left was snoring soo loud... Secondly, it's totally unconvnient that it lasted for 5 hours and something. I have no wish coming back past midnight afoot (no public transport for normal people who is sleeping at night). Last but not least, the seats. Sooo soft and cozy and warm amd comfortable... Thank you very much, the action and loud music, for you started every time I was prepared to fall asleep (and failed eventually).

As for the opera (which could have been shorter.. or at least started earlier), it was wonderful. Such a picture! Such a costumes!! And spesial effects were so special! This machine was total advancement, so smoothly built into the context... Can't say anything smart about voices, but it was as affectionate as everything else. And the love confession between Siegmund and Sieglinde - I was trembling at this part, so passionate and romantic, even though they were siblings and the whole love and law confrontation was absolutely right and unevitable. It's even hard to take someone's side: I concede Fricka's idea of penance for violation of the marriage, but those were so madly in love.... Screw Romeo and Juliette, that's the tragedy!

P.S. Everyone else were decent tragic heroes as well, just don't know how to praise them...

P.P.S. I just thought, it was good experience for me, really... but still I have a feeling that I have watched a movie, very expensive and beautiful but movie. Cinema theatre is not the best place to feel the spirit, so plan to the next X years - real opera =))

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