Thursday, 2 June 2011

Do you take Beast...?

Just finished watching "Beastly (off-top: fighting with sudden numerous shut-offs of my new laptop)
Old fairytale in the new scenery, such an inspiring picture and thrilling make-up!
I mostly drooled on Beast's tattoos (eyebrows rule) and Kendra's costumes and smoky eyes, 10 points to artists.

The story, on the other side, is the most favorite of my mindologues:

As a child, I simply loved the story (and Disney's cartoon), the power of love, true sight ect. In adulthood (starting from about 15), the question was if Beauty truly fell in love with Beast (because really, she fell in love with an animal but toooooo quickly readjusted to Prince Charming) Did she know? did she hoped he would change into human? What if he didn't change at all? Left alone the laws of fairytale, she would not have managed to build a family with Beast...(just imagine the kids) As one girl said, in harsh reality Belle would have run to Gastone after a few months of family life...
And since Beastly is a "contemporary version", I was prepared to that question... But mean American cinema ruined all the fun!! The Heroine was firstly in love with the charming one and only after fell for the beast, as simple as that. I can only to mock girl's levity: doctor, decide already, either it is looks or thoughts/hearts/whatever!.. But lucky she, got both in the end. Would it be contemporary, I had expected more elaborated scenario.
Where is tricky psychologyangst and mindfuck?! Originally, there was a great deal of the Stockholm syndrom, pure fury and yeah, machismo... Why modern variation has only tearful confessions and acting? (he was so sweet in his "oh, cutie, don't punch the door, you're not strong enough") And really...if he wouldn't turn back beautiful, would she sayed with him long enough?..

Anyway, I'll go find the book, at least summary promised some explanations for the Witch's existence... Hope, the scenario was ruined by the film-makers. And oh-so-much I want to read about Kendra's magic aganst the protagonist's father, as was hinted in the end =)))

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