Sunday, 19 June 2011

Sweet tortue

My Belgic employers took me to the restaurant. As tortue it was at the beginning as wonderful it was near the end of the party.
The most important conclusin: etiquette books are of no help!

The first humilitation: order - the first time in the proper restaurant with peple who are EXPERTS in food (even the eldest son of 15). How am I supposed to know what is good as a starter: pigeon almond or goose liver with apples...I've never had a starter!
And a sauce to steak...Bearnaese...I was able to pronounce it correctly only the third time! I felt retarded T_______T

Surprise: what is this tiny little tomato with ...erm...caramel? Why soup is in a shotglass?

The second humilitation: the waiter took my cutlery and I sat like "Erm...sorry? Excuse me? Can I have a fork?...Pleease?...Sir?.."

The reward: such a delicious meal! I had all the names of the dishes I tried written down:

Amuse-bouche - this tiny tomato and soup shot came out to be an appetizer. Unexpected =)
Starter - Dorade with ratatouille and kus-kus. At least one word I knew (thank Pixart for the cartoon). Delicious fried fish with vegetables, in other words.
Main dish - Steak with Bearnaese sauce...the softest meat I tried...

But next time I should be least morally...

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  1. What do you expect to see/hear from us, barbarians of not-so-Europe-yet? )))

    Be glad that you've accomplished your first restaurant quest )