Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A Good-Bye Letter

"To leave behind everyone and simply go to Belgium..." that how was discribed my latest action.

Like those everyone had asked me last 4 months if I was fine... If anything at all was happening in my life. Everyone had their own interesting lives, new girls, new boys But now that I'm leaving they are composing a list of visits. Get in the line, I say)) So,

Dear friends,
Thank you for considering my companionship as a remedy from your lonelyness, that's what are friends for. Thank you for not giving a shit about my insignificant depressions. If you did I wouldn't have started looking for cure myself. Thank you for your spring go-by. If you had asked, I wouldn't have liked to lie to you but was afraif of jinxing everything. Thank you for giving me no reasons to stay in this country. I was really glad being of help all these years! And, you know, I like you anyway...

Sincerely yours,

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