Sunday, 19 February 2012

It's just not the same...

Finally I've been to the movies here. Just got this feeling like half a year ago when I watched Cloverfield with a friend. Which was all good, and the movie, and the atmosphere, and "Angry Birds" as a starter... or was it another time? whatever...
Nostalgic again.
Anyway, I came across this trailer today with all its newsreel shaky camera and epic fights, and thought this might be good. So I went to the cinema, hoping to catch my part of a dark room, an awkward feeling of not being alone and some catharsis.

Here it comes: lots of spoilers and IMHOs.

First of all, I was lucky enough to sit in some distance from the chewing public and not surrounded by teens. That gave me some peace of mind. 'cause I just CAN'T stand them eating so loud!!
So, the part about dark-room-you're-not-alone is accomplished. And that's it. Nothing more. I mean, I expected something as tear-jerking as Cloverfield or Mist, but instead I've got this Spiderman's "big power - big responsibility" stuff. With some emo-cherry on the top.
Now, bout the story: a boy is bullied. Shit happens, yeah. There is another boy, extended family. Extended in a way you're my cousin but you're weird, so I'll bring you to the party but there I-don't-know-you-you-don't-know-me. And one more boy, the popular one. And, surprise-surprise, they get superpowers. Cool at first and then oops, we almost killed him.
Further, there is some we're-friends-we'll-help stuff and some leave-me-alone-I'm-a-sodding-emo things, but, Geez, why was all this? Why to make all this epic I-am-supreme-being-die-bully-die final to show that emo-boy will be killed anyway? The point of dream revenge is that the victim stays to enjoy. He suffers enough in reality to be punished for punishing in his dreams.
Let's face it: the telekinesis thing is quite surreal but good enough for "what would I do if..."
I mean, all the bullied kids dream of sudden superpowers to tear out the teeth of the bullies and throw them down the roof (though my thoughts involved a machine gun and Terminator). So, as I understand, if the movie was about "bullying is bad and having friends is good", the message failed.
If the message was about something else then they failed the final. What's with the final? It's a new home-made Superman. "I will help people for you". The only surviving friend basically said: you misbehaved but I'm so good for all three of us, that's why you're dead and I'm in Tibet. And yeah, I'll save people. Nowhere without that, it's American Hero. No, the script writer should have done something with him.
And by the way, I think, the emo-boy over-suffered...He's got friends! One of them even tried to help! Twice!(while the other one, the Amerian-Hero-Big-Brother one, was picking up on a girl-with-the-camera. Dude's got a type, huh).
But nooo-oh, we'll kill the only friend who tried to help, we'll kill the poor emo-boy instead of putting him to the monastery as he wanted(sic!) or to the bedlam as he needed, and let the hypocrite save the world. Right.
At least those guys in Cloverfield all died for a reason.

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