Friday, 29 June 2012

Bad timing/Good timing

There is something I can do the best - crash my hopes in the beginning, sulk in the process and have a marvelous time in the end. And something I seldom try - enjoy it from the start. But frankly I don't really think that I would enjoy it so much without all this sulking and we-could-have-done-it-my-way thing.

It's like...

It's like you sit in the playground waiting for Batman to take you far far away, but Batman never comes, that bugger and, in despair, you start playing with other kids and it actually goes just fine and you have fun. But here it comes: "Darling, we should go home"  "Ten more minutes, pleeeeeease". Yeah. Or the parties, too. All the perks and crazy dance for dessert.

Or like spending 10 years in school without friends and  in last year it becomes all Yippika-yee-you'll-never-forget-the-school-time!

Or yeah, when you study art and on your last semester you suddenly want to change your major. Way to go, darling, should've thought before. But what a semester it was *makes gleaming eyes*

Wait, what was I saying? Oh, I just need my ten more minutes here) Because for the whole year I was a moping fairy with no decent people around and what do you think? A week before leaving - I totally should have spoken with them more, and went to a pottery class, and discussed those smoothie recipes and practiced my French and blah and blah and blah. But hey, now I have bunch of e-mails and the whole 3 people that make me love Belgium a bit more than 3 month ago. Fair deal and invitation to visit ;)

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