Sunday, 13 February 2011

Exhibitions Diary I

The first assignment of the Seminar of Contemporary Art was keeping a diary of exhibitions being held in this term.
So, part I

Name: NEW MONEY (part of Money, Money, Money! project)
Made by: Tannel Rannala and Mart Raun
Material: miscellaneous
Place: Linna Galerii, Tallinn
This interactive exhibition is devoted to the new Estonian currency, euro. Aim was mainly to find out (or make clear) money value. As one of my coursemates told, now we start missing our krones, thou we didn`t actually noticed them before.

I was more impressed by other factor, which is the whole interaction thing. When I came into gallery and saw all those mirrors, 3D money, hopsccotch, children`s drawings... At once I started jumping, running from bank note to bank note, taking photos... Returned home and started thinking: what was that?! What was the idea, like become the face of next currency, feel like you`re a cash? Whyy? Another my course mate spoke out that after she saw her face on that huge cash note, she decided that never ever she would have wanted to be one of the `currency faces`...

What I really liked was a full-wall scheme of instability of Estonian currency for the latest 150 years... about 10 different kinds. Led me to the thought that our little Estonia never was able to keep something for long enough, always surrended to the srtongest. Interesting, when the Mighty Euro goes down? It is kind of creepy, because I heard some news about oncoming euro-bankruptcy. Why on earth did they do that? Give me my krones back! I don`t want the second Black Tuesday, no no no.

And one thing I didn`t noticed *thanks to smart people who made it clear* There was a backroom full of drawings, like `what will our next money look like?`

You know, children want to see on the cash the giraffe and favorite singers, and local trade center - people, why do we need the Roman Empire aqueduct on the 5 euro banknote, let it be the SOLARIS center!! Funny, huh...

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