Monday, 14 February 2011

Exhibitions Diary, Part II, the end

In support of my previous post

Piret Räni, "Your Daughter"
I liked this project. No little girl really thinks "I want to be a prostitute when I grow up!" but, unfortunately, shit happens. Like happens young girls` kidnapping, like happens `freewill` becoming a prostitute, just because there is no other option. So what concerns that previously mentioned kind of women (Bitch Academy), they are ready to become a prostitute (how else you can name their wish for a millionaire and what they do in order to get the one), but they hypocritically think it has a different name. It has not, I believe.

Another case of love-for-sale work with criminal implication - Marko Nautras "F.L.N.M." It was made out of this video where porno actors promote the idea that stealing is bad.
They are actually right, because what they do is work as well as plumbery or teaching. Nobody likes being unpaid. But for some reason people think that some professions are like hobbies. That`s why I hate phrases "Draw me something" or "Translate me something" or many others... It is my work *at least it will be, I hope* so why can`t I ask "Make me a seesaw, you`re a mechanic" or "Bring me some coffee, you`re a waitress"... But you see, I offend them.

So I understand this little advertisement "Do not download porn, we work for money, not for art"
As the review says: "There are no direct references to the Second Book of Moses or The Ten Commandments, but the collision between biblical rhetoric and the totally godless world has a jarring and strange effect" (c)Rebeka Põldsam
And I`m exited about this contradiction)) Because Nautras technically stole this free advertisement and created those prints - or was it Duchamp`s fault, who firstly used a ready-made? Difficult to say if it was a real stealing. It was rather peeping into windows, snooping what people do when no one sees - which resulted in piracy. So, my question, is the piracy a spying or is spying a piracy? I guess I only confuse myself...
Interesting, that first personal Nautras` exhibition "Vuje" was connected to voyeurism; "classical peek-pictures" as the artist said. Can I see this project as piracy as well, if he had secretly taken the pictures of the people in windows or on the streets and hadn`t payed them for being models?

That would be probably all.

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