Thursday, 3 February 2011

The Puppets

Colombina has gone mad. She doesn`t care what happens to her and what will happen. She looks mindlessly on the Puppet Master and picks of the petals of her last rose. The Puppet Master pulls the strings and Colombina obediently goes to the stage repeating movements learned a long time ago. Colombina has ceased smiling long ago. Why, if her face is no more looked at by anybody? The play goes as it must and the end is always the same. Leaving the stage, Colombina will take her rose and all night long she will whisper to it one and the same story, on which she had just played a lead role.

Clowness must smile. She jumps on the stage, cheerfully juggles the balls and swings her arms. She hops around the stage, falls, laughs and dreams that she will never comes on the stage again. After the play she scours away the engrained colour of her grin and imagines herself walking barefoot on the soft grass. However, the strings are strongly tied to the limbs and if the Puppet Master ceases pulling them, her legs will not listen her own head and the downfall will be more painfull. Therefore Clowness draws again herself a bright red smile and comes on the scene.

Pierrot wanted freedom. He wanted to get rid of the dusty smell of the stage, he wanted to see the colorful world out there beyond the wall of the theater. He was tired of the farce that the Puppet Mater called a fairy tale, and therefore he decided to cut his strings. But without the puppeteer it is difficult to move. His feet mumble, his hands dangle over the body, and eyes, instead of looking at the long-awaited world, shut under the weight of the eyelids. Pierrot still wants to see the colours that were previously hidden by a bandage but the movements consume so much power.

There was a time when the Storyteller was the Puppet Master's favorite doll. None of the play was complete without his presence, and his narrating was sometimes more important than the main characters. However, times change, the tale falls into the shade, the audience yearns for Action. The Puppet Master makes new dolls, beautiful, empty-headed and ready to act at a breakneck pace for the audience`s delight. The Storyteller was left sitting on the outermost shelf. His costume is gradually covering with dust, hat is sagging from moisture, but the old Storyteller continues to smile in hope that someday The Puppet Master allows him to come on the stage.

PS. That Indian guy is quite popular, heh. I wasn`t the only one who used him. No offence, mister, you are very inspiring person.

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