Sunday, 13 February 2011

Exhibitions Diary II

Since we have already discussed a lillte next exhibition on the lecture, I won`t start describing all of it here... Just few works that `impressed` me...

So, part II

Name: "For love, not money", 15th Tallinn print triennial
Place: KuMu, Tallinn
Aim: FOR LOVE NOT MONEY is intended to present a timely reflection on the state of contemporary art production, presentation and reception during a period of world financial crisis (c)

Actually, what I felt after this exhibition reminded me compositions on literature in 11th grade. Starting with the title. Come on, people! 90 out of 100 do everything for money! And the very illustrative example was the video "Bitch Academy" by Alina Rudnitskaya.
The video is about Russian women who attend special class `How to become a bitch`.
Here is the trailer
It was so strange to describe right away the feeling... Technically, it was mentioned there, that this `school` is to teach to manipulate men, and all those girls agree... But why then all of them tell "I need love, I need a caring man, I want to be married" and right after "certainly, for a millionaire!" Darling, if you want a millionaire, tell it! Tell "I want him paying for everything, that I could only go shopping and visiting SPAs, and probably having a beautiful lover" Why was that poor girl crying about her little son and how her mother kicked them out of home, and saying "I wish I had someone kind, who would love me and my son, who wouldn`t drink and wouldn`t be a tyrant like my father" Poor thing, what were you doing there? Why do you think that kind of man doesn`t exist among normal people? But nooooo, we need a millionaire! She certainly need a psychologist. Or social police to deal with home tyranny at first.
It was written in the video annotation that a bitch knows what she wants from men, manipulates them, follows her desires, she is free. Right, Cinderellas, let`s be realistic. When a Russian man has money - he has everyone in his fist. He will be in charge of what you want, need and think. And I guess he won`t be the loving prince Charming... So, why to fool oneself? Money is apart, love is apart, and you need to know clearly in order not to be disappointed later.


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